Horst Andreas Obenhaus

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Mutations in the postsynaptic scaffolding gene SHANK2 have recently been identified in individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and intellectual disability. However, the cellular and physiological consequences of these mutations in neurons remain unknown. We have analyzed the functional impact caused by two inherited and one de novo SHANK2 mutations(More)
General anesthetics are commonly used in animal models to study how sensory signals are represented in the brain. Here, we used two-photon (2P) calcium activity imaging with cellular resolution to investigate how neuronal activity in layer 2/3 of the mouse barrel cortex is modified under the influence of different concentrations of chemically distinct(More)
The causal interrogation of neuronal networks involved in specific behaviors requires the spatially and temporally controlled modulation of neuronal activity. For long-term manipulation of neuronal activity, chemogenetic tools provide a reasonable alternative to short-term optogenetic approaches. Here we show that virus mediated gene transfer of the(More)
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