Horng Jason Wu

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Thermoelectrics interconvert heat to electricity and are of great interest in waste heat recovery, solid-state cooling and so on. The efficiency of thermoelectric materials depends directly on the average ZT (dimensionless figure of merit) over a certain temperature range, which historically has been challenging to increase. Here we report that 2.5% K-doped(More)
The crystal growth kinetics of theophylline monohydrate from aqueous buffered supersaturated solutions were investigated at 10, 20, 30, and 40 degrees C. Crystallization experiments were carried out isothermally at pH 6. During growth the crystal count and size distributions were monitored in situ. The growth rate was evaluated from the rate of change of(More)
We use a face recognition algorithm to model differences in perception between autistic and non autistic children. With our model it is possible to reproduce several phenomena of autism by assuming that autistic children lack the ability to abstract from horizontal invariants. In particular, we can explain why autistic children are able to better recognize(More)
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