Horiesadat Hosseini

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Ketamine (2-o-chlorophenyl-2-methylaminocyclohexan, CAS 1867-66-9, CI-581, Ketalar, I), a potent derivative of Phencyclidine (1-[1-phenylcyclohexyl] piperidine, CAS 956-90-1, PCP, II), and many of its analogues have shown anesthetic and analgesic effects. In this research, new derivatives of I, (2-[p-methoxybenzylamino]-2-[p-methoxyphenyl] cyclohexanone,(More)
The capacity of interferon beta to alter the course of multiple sclerosis has promoted a new therapeutic concept, based upon the modulation of the immune response rather than its suppression. As the proteasome plays a crucial role in the control of the inflammatory process and immune cell survival, targeting the proteasome appears as a novel approach for(More)
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