Horia Metiu

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Experiments have shown that the folding rate constants of two dozen structurally unrelated, small, single-domain proteins can be expressed in terms of one quantity (the contact order) that depends exclusively on the topology of the folded state. Such dependence is unique in chemical kinetics. Here we investigate its physical origin and derive the(More)
Phenomenological kinetics (PK) is widely used in the study of the reaction rates in heterogeneous catalysis, and it is an important aid in reactor design. PK makes simplifying assumptions: It neglects the role of fluctuations, assumes that there is no correlation between the locations of the reactants on the surface, and considers the reacting mixture to be(More)
Distribution of chain ends at the surface of a polymer melt: Compensation effects and surface tension," J.Development of nano-composite microstructures in ZrO2-Al2O3 via the solution precursor method," J.Nonlinear multi-photon resonances in quantum wells," Phys.The interaction of sorbates with acid sites in zeolite catalysts: A powder neutron diffraction(More)
Crystallization behavior of Li1-5xTa1+xO3 glasses synthesized from liquid precursors", J.Behavior of benzene in Na-X and Na-Y; a comparative study by 2H NMR and molecular mechanics," "27Al NMR of Zr1-xAlxO(2-x/2) solid solutions," J. Am.Control of crystal phase switching and orientation by soluble mollusc-shell proteins.A self-consistent model for cleavage(More)
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