Horia Emil Popa

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The implementation of asynchronous search techniques can be done in any programming language allowing a distributed programming. Nevertheless, for the study of such techniques and for their evaluation, it is easier and more efficient to implement the techniques under certain distributed environments, which offer various facilities, such as NetLogo. The aim(More)
The goal is to propose a recommendation system for scientific documents. The paper presents the architecture and the principles of functioning of the system. The way a user organizes its documents is called the user's perspective over the set of documents. Operations with user perspectives are defined, also the system can have and build its own perspective.(More)
Starting from the algorithm of asynchronous backtracking (ABT), a unifying framework for some of the asynchronous techniques has recently been suggested. Within this unifying frameworld several techniques have been derived, known as the ABT family. They differ in the way they store no goods, but they all use additional communication links between(More)
The asynchronous searching techniques are characterized by the fact that each agent instantiates its variables in a concurrent way. Then, it sends the values of its variables to other agents directly connected to it by using messages. These asynchronous techniques have different behaviors in case of delays in sending messages. This article depicts the(More)
Distributed Constraint programming is a programming approach used to describe and solve large classes of problems such as searching, combinatorial and planning problems. A Distributed Constraint Satisfaction is a constraint satisfaction problem in which variables and constraints are distributed among multiple agents. Modelling and simulation are essential(More)
AgentDiscover is a multi-agent based intelligent recommendation system, supporting real-time control and feedback, for building and execution workflows for knowledge discovery from databases (KDD). The aim of the proposed system is to deal with the complexity of KDD processes and to offer a tool that supports both researchers exploring KDD methods and(More)
In this article are analyzed the message queues aiming to improve the message management, more precisely to reduce or eliminate the obsolete messages and, thus, reduce the costs for obtaining the solution. This thing allows the improvement of the performances of the ABT family techniques. Asynchronous techniques use some message processing routines. Those(More)
The use of agent-based simulation models in NetLogo for research is growing rapidly in a number of fields of science and engineering, including in computer science, for example for analyzing the performances of asynchronous search techniques based on distributed constraints. Distributed Constraint programming (DisCSP/DCOP) is a programming approach used to(More)