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Oxidative stress is a pathomechanism causally linked to the progression of chronic cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. Mitochondria have emerged as the most relevant source of reactive oxygen species, the major culprit being classically considered the respiratory chain at the inner mitochondrial membrane. In the past decade, several experimental studies(More)
Spontaneous aortic rupture, without any history of previous thoracic trauma, infection or acute thoracic pain is an extremely rare and potentially life-threatening event. Its diagnosis, in the absence of acute symptoms, is usually delayed and relies on secondary signs. While the etiology is atherosclerotic in most cases, the exact mechanisms of rupture have(More)
UNLABELLED In this study we aimed to evaluate the three-dimensional (3D) transthoracic echocardiography (TTE) in the assessment of cardiac valve morphology. METHODS Bidimensional (2D) and real-time 3D TTE was performed in 104 patients consecutive with cardiac catheterisation, prior to valve surgery. Using surgical findings as the gold standard, 2D and 3D(More)
The simultaneous existence of double orifice right and left atrioventricular valves in the absence of ostium primum defects is rare and scarcely reported. We present the case of a 20-month old boy diagnosed with tetralogy of Fallot with pulmonary atresia who was found to have associated double-orifice mitral and tricuspid valves.
Mitochondria-related oxidative stress is a pathomechanism causally linked to coronary heart disease (CHD) and diabetes mellitus (DM). Recently, mitochondrial monoamine oxidases (MAOs) have emerged as novel sources of oxidative stress in the cardiovascular system and experimental diabetes. The present study was purported to assess the mitochondrial(More)
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