Horacio Tamagusuku

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Diastolic function is early involved during the undetermined form of Chagas disease. Pulsed Doppler tissue imaging is a new technique to evaluate diastolic function by mean of the record of myocardial velocities in the longitudinal axis. With the purpose to evaluate diastolic function by pulsed Doppler tissue imaging in patients with Chagas disease, we(More)
With the purpose of analyzing diastolic function in Chagas, disease (ECh), 42 patients were studied: 31 males (aged 33 +/- 9), 22 of them with positive serology for ECh and 9 with negative serology; 11 female patients (aged 36 +/- 12), 10 with positive serology and 1 with negative serology. In all patients 2 D-Echo and simultaneous EKG, phonocardiogram,(More)
With the purpose to compare phonomechanocardiography and echo Doppler in the assessment of diastolic function of the left ventricle, we study 45 patients (30 male and 15 female) average age 50 +/- 9 years. We performed phonomechanocardiogram, echo-M, 2-D and Doppler transmitral. They were classified in four group according to mitral flow pattern: normal 14(More)
In order to establish whether different kinds of conduction disturbances like complete right branch block (CRBB) and left anterior hemiblock (LAH) are associated with different degrees of myocardial damage in Chagas disease (Chd), we studied 25 patients (p), 15 males and 10 women (41 +/- 5 years old) who were divided into five groups: normal EKG 5 p,(More)
UNLABELLED Left ventricular dP/dt is estimated from mitral regurgitation (MR) jet as the rate of pressure rise (RPR) from 1 to 3 m/sec. In order to establish if this measure is made during the isovolumetric contraction (IC), we with MR studied 38 patients (age average 51 +/- 8 years) of different etiology. IC was estimated as pre-ejection time minus Q-first(More)
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