Horacio S. Wio

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  • Gleb Oshanin, Katja Lindenberg, Horacio S Wio, Sergei Burlatsky
  • 2009
We study the kinetics for the search of an immobile target by randomly moving searchers that detect it only upon encounter. The searchers perform intermittent random walks on a one-dimensional lattice. Each searcher can step on a nearest neighbor site with probability α, or go off lattice with probability 1 − α to move in a random direction until it lands(More)
We present a master equation approach to the study of the bulk-mediated surface diffusion mechanism in a three-dimensional confined domain. The proposed scheme allowed us to evaluate analytically a number of magnitudes that were used to characterize the efficiency of the bulk-mediated surface transport mechanism, for instance, the mean escape time from the(More)
We have investigated the effects of noise on an extended chaotic system using as benchmark the Lorenz'96 model. The analysis of the system's time evolution and its time and space correlations gave us numerical evidence for two distinct stochastic resonance-like behaviors, that become apparent when the signal-to-noise ratio is depicted as a function of the(More)
We present a variational formulation for the Kardar-Parisi-Zhang (KPZ) equation that leads to a thermodynamic-like potential for the KPZ as well as for other related kinetic equations. For the KPZ case, with the knowledge of such a potential we prove some global shift invariance properties previously conjectured by other authors. We also show a few results(More)
We present a simple one-dimensional trapping model prompted by the problem of ion current across biological membranes. The trap is modeled mimicking the ionic channel membrane behaviour. Such voltage-sensitive channels are open or closed depending on the value taken by a potential. Here we have assumed that the external potential has two contributions: a(More)
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