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Augmented Reality is a breakthrough technology that could considerably ease execution of complex operations. Augmented Reality mixes virtual and actual reality, making available to the user new tools to ensure efficiency in the transfer of knowledge for several processes and in several environments. Various solutions based on Augmented Reality have been(More)
Retroperitoneal cystic tumors are uncommon. More than two thirds are malignant. Benign lesions include lipomas and leiomyomas, among others. Bronchogenic cysts are congenital anomalies that result from an abnormal budding of the primitive foregut, and are most commonly found in the mediastinum. Occasionally they can be seen in the skin, subcutaneous tissue,(More)
This work applies Augmented Reality technology in the educational process through a didactic prototype that promotes visualization skills related to the learning of mathematical content. An initial prototype has been designed and built with the purpose of arriving at 3 dimensional objects performing specific actions, in space and time, executed with 2(More)
Augmented Reality (AR) is a particularly fascinating field due to its innovative technology that allows a person to experience the sensation of living in a computer-generated environment. AR integrates Virtual Reality (VR) into the real-world, enhancing the users experience with the objects surrounding them in real-time. A state-of-the-art technique is(More)
  • Federico Oppliger, Horacio Ríos, Luis Manríquez
  • 2015
the right hypochondrium or acute abdomen. The degree of diagnostic error by imaging techniques is higher than 90%, 4 so it is therefore difficult to make a correct preoperative diagnosis. The differential diagnosis should include: focal nodular hyperplasia, hemangioma, hepatocarci-noma, adenoma, metastasis of endocrine or renal tumours, etc. Standard(More)
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