Horacio F González

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The mechanism of uptake and efflux of porfiromycin (PFM) by HCT 116 human colon carcinoma cells or freshly obtained human RBC was investigated. The time course of uptake of radioactivity upon exposure of HCT 116 cells to [14C]PFM showed one fast and one slow phase of linear increase. The initial phase of PFM uptake was not saturable with external drug(More)
The purpose of this study was to assess the effect of voluntarily controlled breathing maneuvers on breathing pattern components measured noninvasively with the respiratory inductive plethysmograph. In normal subjects, these maneuvers included predominantly thoracic and abdominal patterns with and without visual reinforcement from video-displayed plots of(More)
Both scalar tracings and XY plots of rib cage (RC) and abdominal (AB) excursions were analyzed to detect asynchronous and/or paradoxic motion of one compartment with respect to the other in an effort to distinguish differences between normal subjects and patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). An inspiratory asynchrony index (IAI) was(More)
UNLABELLED This study compares the placental transfer of ropivacaine and bupivacaine using the dual perfused, single cotyledon human placental model. We studied the effects of maternal/fetal protein binding, maternal ropivacaine concentration, and fetal pH on ropivacaine transfer. At a clinically relevant maternal concentration (1 microg/mL), the calculated(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate oro-cecal intestinal transit time (ITT) before and after administration of a dairy product containing Bifidobacterium BB12, Lactobacillus casei CRL 431 and fiber in healthy women. METHODS A prospective, randomised, double-blind and cross-over study with a 4-phase design (run-in: time 0 [T0], two intervention periods: time 1 [T1] and(More)
We assessed the accuracy of the respiratory inductive plethysmograph in the supine position to spirometry by the two-body position, least squares calibration and single-body position, isovolume calibration procedures. The comparison was carried out simultaneously in normal subjects breathing naturally and with voluntarily controlled abdominal or thoracic(More)
INTRODUCTION Obesity is associated with a wide range of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases. OBJECTIVE To establish an association between the nutritional status of 6-10 year old boys and girls and blood pressure. POPULATION AND METHODS A cross-sectional, analytical study was conducted in 6-10 year old schoolboys and schoolgirls. Outcome measures and(More)
BACKGROUND Bupivacaine is widely used for obstetric analgesia, yet published information on the mechanism of human placental bupivacaine transfer is sparse. The dual perfused human placental model was used to elucidate the factors governing the placental transfer of bupivacaine. METHODS Bupivacaine transfer was studied using the recirculating (closed)(More)
Relationships of reductive potential, kinetics of enzymatic reduction, augmented oxygen consumption, and cytotoxicity were determined for seven clinically relevant mitomycin antibiotics. Potentials for one-electron reduction were obtained by cyclic voltammetry analysis in dimethyl sulfoxide with 0.1 M tetraethyl-ammonium perchlorate. These potentials were(More)
OBJECTIVE Bone mineral density (BMD) loss has been described in adult women in the 12-month postpartum period. However, little is known about the precise BMD pattern in adolescent mothers. The present study aimed to evaluate BMD in Argentinean adolescent mothers followed up during the 12-month postpartum period. DESIGN Analytical, prospective clinical(More)