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BACKGROUND Haller Index (HI) ≥3.25 by computed tomography (CT) at end-inspiration has been used to indicate surgical correction in patients with pectus excavatum. However, chest wall diameters vary with breathing and may modify HI values and surgical indications. The aim of our study was to report the changes in HI with breathing and their impact in the(More)
INTRODUCTION The general aim of this report was to determine how a vascular accident (VA) or vascular incident (VI) could be prevented and controlled during thoracoscopic lung lobectomies (TLLs). MATERIALS AND METHODS Clinical records and videos of patients (n:21) who underwent a programmed TLL during a 3-year period at the Private Children's Hospital(More)
BACKGROUND Single-incision laparoscopic surgery (SILS) is increasingly being used to treat acute appendicitis. Existing SILS techniques suffer from inefficient triangulation and poor ergonomics. In an effort to improve on existing SILS techniques, we developed the magnet-assisted single trocar (MAST) appendectomy. SUBJECTS AND METHODS We retrospectively(More)
We introduce a simple method of fixing trocars to the abdominal wall in children. After the trocar is inserted into the abdominal wall, we place a 2/0 silk suture through the skin next to the trocar, then a sterile Nylon 6.6 plastic seal (Sumar Inc, Buenos Aires, Argentina) is wrapped around the trocar and the end of one of the sutures. Lastly, both suture(More)
We present a girl 21 months old with recurrent jaundice. Initially she presented fever of unknown origin but jaundice, white coloured stools and pruritus were observed 10 days later. She underwent endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography with sphincterotomy; symptoms dissapeared. One month later, symptoms came back and, suspecting choledochal cyst the(More)
The current report is a multicenter study of a series of infants who developed colonic strictures (CS) as a sequelae of necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) and who were treated successfully with laparoscopic intestinal resection and primary anastomosis. During 2005-2008, 11 neonates (gestational ages, 32-38 weeks), with a mean birth weight of 1.7 kg (range,(More)
Biliary atresia in infants occasionally presents as intracranial, nasal or gastrointestinal bleeding, instead of the classical triad of jaundice, acholia and choluria. We present two female infants aged four and two months, who were hospitalized with convulsive episode, cephalohematoma and drowsiness. Computed tomography findings were subdural hemorrhage in(More)
The objective of the present study consists of revising our initial experience with the use of thoracoscopic surgery for lung resections and their complications. Clinical histories and videos, from patients treated surgically at the Fundación Hospitalaria-Private Children Hospital and CEMIC Universitary Hospital from april 2005 to october 2008, were(More)
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