Horace T. Crogman

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The theory of frame transformation relation connecting body oriented angular momentum states and lab weakly coupled momentum states have been extended from rotor-electron to rotor-dimer systems. Coupling schemes are analyzed for weak and strong cases of correlation between lab and two different rotor body frames. It is shown that the frame transformation(More)
The theory of Frame transformation relations between the states of Born Oppenheimer and the weak coupling approximations is developed for polyatomic molecules. The symmetry relations are a generalization of the frame transformation relations derived by Harter and Crogman for coupled rotor molecules. A key internal symmetry label (named “soul”) is defined so(More)
In a previous article the theory of frame transformation relation between Body Oriented Angular (BOA) states and Lab Weakly Coupled states (LWC) was developed to investigate simple rotor-rotor interactions. By analyzing the quantum spectrum for two coupled diatomic molecules and comparing it with spectrum and probability distribution of simple models,(More)
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