Horace H. Zinneman

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Manion, R. E. (Veterans Administration Hospital, Minneapolis, Minn.), S. G. Bradley, H. H. Zinneman, and W. H. Hall. Interrelationships among mycobacteria and nocardiae. J. Bacteriol. 87:1056-1859. 1964.-A total of 134 strains of mycobacteria and nocardiae were tested for susceptibility of 24 mycobacteriophages. On the basis of capability of diverse strains(More)
Serum immunoglobulins usually are increased impressively in alcoholic cirrhosis, particularly IgA and IgM. The basis for these changes has not been clarified. Previous studies with sera of cirrhotic subjects failed to show autoantibody reactions found in other hepatocellular diseases. Two autoantibody reactions were demonstrated by immunofluorescent(More)