Horácio Ferreira Júlio

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In this study, we identified and characterized the hydrographic attributes related to the success of recruitment of migratory fishes in the Upper Paraná River floodplain. To achieve our objectives,(More)
Brycon pesu is a small-sized fish distributed throughout the Amazon and Orinoco Basins and other coastal basins of northeastern South America. Brycon cf. pesu specimens from the Araguaia-Tocantins(More)
Pseudoplatystoma corruscans (Spix and Agassiz, 1829) and Pseudoplatystoma reticulatum (Eingenmann and Eigenmann, 1889) are large migratory catfishes of high biological importance and great commercial(More)
Brycon is one of the main genera of Neotropical freshwater fish. In Brazil, Brycon species have been found in many hydrographic basins, such as the Amazon, Paraná, Paraguay, and Araguaia-Tocantins(More)