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Introduction of the Andean grain chenopod (Chenopodium quinoa) into North America placed this crop within the distributional range of a related wild species,C. berlandieri. This wild species, native to the North American flora, is cross-compatible withC. Quinoa. Isozyme analysis of progeny fromC. berlandieri plants growing within and at the periphery of(More)
Lifetime-limited optical excitation lines of single nitrogen-vacancy (NV) defect centers in diamond have been observed at liquid helium temperature. They display unprecedented spectral stability over many seconds and excitation cycles. Spectral tuning of the spin-selective optical resonances was performed via the application of an external electric field(More)
Heterogeneous electrode materials with hierarchical architectures promise to enable considerable improvement in future energy storage devices. In this study, we report on a tailored synthetic strategy used to create heterogeneous tungsten sulfide/oxide core-shell nanofiber materials with vertically and randomly aligned thorn-bush features, and we evaluate(More)
A minimum set of equations based on the peeling-ballooning (P-B) model with nonideal physics effects (diamagnetic drift, E×B drift, resistivity, and anomalous electron viscosity) is found to simulate pedestal collapse when using the new BOUT++ simulation code, developed in part from the original fluid edge code BOUT. Nonlinear simulations of P-B modes(More)
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