Hope E. Stansfield

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Glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) play a critical role in the binding and activation of growth factors in cell signal transduction required for biological development. A glycomics approach can be used to examine GAG content, composition, and structure in stem cells in order to characterize their general differentiation. Specifically, this method may be used to(More)
Pluripotent and multipotent cells become increasingly lineage restricted through differentiation. Alterations to the cellular proteoglycan composition and structure should accompany these changes to influence cell proliferation, delineation of tissues and acquisition of cell migration capabilities. Retinoic acid plays an important role in pre-patterning of(More)
Protein microarrays have been used extensively to identify protein–protein interactions; however, this technology has not been widely applied to protein–DNA interactions. In particular, this work demonstrates the utility of this technique for rapidly identifying interactions of proteins with metal-modified DNA. Protein macroarray experiments were carried(More)
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