Hootan Khatami

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Insulin analog patent expiry is likely to mean that, increasingly, copies of original biopharmaceutical products will be submitted for authorization. Experience with biosimilars in other therapeutic areas suggests that careful regulation and caution are needed. Published guidelines of regulatory authorities around the world on approval of biosimilars and,(More)
Biosimilar insulins have the potential to increase access to treatment among patients with diabetes mellitus, reduce treatment costs, and expand market competition. The patents for several insulins are soon to expire, meaning there is room for copies of these products--or 'biosimilars'--to join the marketplace. It is vital that similar safety and efficacy(More)
With the expiration of patent protection for several originator insulin analog molecules, the availability of insulin analog copies is set to increase. Many regulatory authorities have developed, and continue to refine, guidelines for the approval of biosimilar insulin analogs. Aspects such as the structure, pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics, efficacy,(More)
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