Hoon Ki Kim

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A wavelet Electrocardiogram (ECG) detector for low-power implantable cardiac pacemakers is presented in this paper. The proposed wavelet-based ECG detector consists of a wavelet decomposer with wavelet filter banks, a QRS complex detector of hypothesis testing with wavelet-demodulated ECG signals, and a noise detector with zero-crossing points. In order to(More)
Elemental sulfur is one of the most attractive cathode active materials in lithium batteries because of its high theoretical specific capacity. Despite the positive aspect, lithium-sulfur batteries have suffered from severe capacity fading and limited rate capability. Here we report facile large-scale synthesis of a class of organosulfur compounds that(More)
The key challenges in the advancement of actuator technologies related to artificial muscles include fast-response time, low operation voltages and durability. Although several researchers have tackled these challenges over the last few decades, no breakthrough has been made. Here we describe a platform for the development of soft actuators that moves a few(More)
An 8bit two-step time-to-digital converter (TDC) with a novel digital switched ring-oscillator based time amplifier (TA) is demonstrated in 65nm CMOS. The proposed TA achieves a predictable and programmable gain without requiring any calibration. The implemented 8bit two-step TDC with a 16x TA gain achieves a time resolution of 2.6ps at 80MS/s conversion(More)
Stress equalization and stress removal techniques for mitigating short-term Vth instability issues in SAR ADCs have been experimentally verified using an 80kS/s 10-bit differential SAR ADC fabricated in a 65nm LP CMOS process. The proposed techniques are particularly effective in enhancing the performance of high resolution and low sample rate SAR ADCs(More)