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A wavelet Electrocardiogram (ECG) detector for low-power implantable cardiac pacemakers is presented in this paper. The proposed wavelet-based ECG detector consists of a wavelet decomposer with wavelet filter banks, a QRS complex detector of hypothesis testing with wavelet-demodulated ECG signals, and a noise detector with zero-crossing points. In order to(More)
  • Heon Kim, Richard Litherland, Padmanabhan Sundar, Charles Delzell, Martin, James Oxley +49 others
  • 2007
Acknowledgments This dissertation would not be possible without several contributions. The love of family and friends provided my inspiration and was my driving force. It has been a long journey and completing this work is definitely a high point in my academic career. I could not have come this far without the assistance of many individuals and I want to(More)
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