Hoon Ki Kim

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A wavelet Electrocardiogram (ECG) detector for low-power implantable cardiac pacemakers is presented in this paper. The proposed wavelet-based ECG detector consists of a wavelet decomposer with wavelet filter banks, a QRS complex detector of hypothesis testing with wavelet-demodulated ECG signals, and a noise detector with zero-crossing points. In order to(More)
An aqueous vesicular system that is switchable by electric potential without addition of any chemical redox agents into the solution is demonstrated using redox-responsive self-assembly of an amphiphilic rod-coil molecule consisting of a tetraaniline and a poly(ethylene glycol) block. The vesicle membrane is split by an oxidizing voltage into smaller(More)
Bis(eta5-cyclopentadienyl)[rel-(1R,5S,7R,14S)-(1,3,5,7,9,11,14-heptacyclopentyl-7,14-dioxidotricyclo[7.3.3(1,9).1(5,11)]heptasiloxan-3-yloxy)bis(pentafluorophenyl)borane2-]zirconium, [Zr(C5H5)2(C47H63BF10O12Si7)], consists of [ZrCp2] (Cp is cyclopentadienyl) and [(C6F5)2B] moieties bound to a silsesquioxane core. The silsesquioxane binds to the Zr atom(More)