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PURPOSE A meta-analysis of empirical studies performed in Korea was conducted to systematically investigate the associations between the indices of Internet addiction (IA) and psychosocial variables. MATERIALS AND METHODS Systematic literature searches were carried out using the Korean Studies Information Service System, Research Information Sharing(More)
It is believed that personal mobility patterns of a human are highly related to a person's personality. The person's location at a given time can be identified in case the person carries positioning devices, and thus a personal mobility patterns can be identified. One of the personality models, the big five personality models have been regarded as a(More)
OBJECTIVE This study aimed to develop and validate a Structured Clinical Interview for Internet Gaming Disorder (SCI-IGD) in adolescents. METHODS First, we generated preliminary items of the SCI-IGD based on the information from the DSM-5 literature reviews and expert consultations. Next, a total of 236 adolescents, from both community and clinical(More)
The present study aimed to investigate how online and offline social behavior interact with each other ultimately to affect the well-being of socially anxious adolescents. Based on previous studies, it was assumed that there might be three-way interactive effects among online social behavior, offline social behavior, and social anxiety regarding the(More)
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