Hoon-Hwe Cho

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In two-dimensional interfacial assemblies, there is an interplay between molecular ordering and interface geometry, which determines the final morphology and order of entire systems. Here we present the interfacial phenomenon of spontaneous facet formation in a water droplet driven by designed peptide assembly. The identified peptides can flatten the(More)
An implicit finite element model was developed to analyze the deformation behavior of low carbon steel during phase transformation. The finite element model was coupled hierarchically with a phase field model that could simulate the kinetics and micro-structural evolution during the austenite-to-ferrite transformation of low carbon steel.(More)
Tin alloy-based anodes supported by inverse-opal nanoscaffolds undergo large volume changes from (de)lithiation during cyclic battery (dis)charging, affecting their mechanical stability. We perform continuum mechanics-based simulation to study the evolution of internal stresses and strains as a function of the geometry of the active layer(s): (i) thickness(More)
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