Hoon-Gee Yang

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This paper presents a synchronization method for the 18000-3 PJM mode, along with the hardware structure to implement the proposed method. The proposed system detects an incipient peak using a ITS(Initial Time Selector) and a correlator. Once a peak is detected, it starts to demodulate, checking MFM state, until it detects the occurrence of the violation(More)
Direction estimation of signal of interest has been an important issue in radar and communication system. Generally, DOA(Direction Of Arrival) methods have been researched in the field of signal processing with ideal array sensors. However, there are some problems in array antennas such as the input signal distortions in amplitude and phase, due to the(More)
Recently, ITS (Intelligent Transport System) has been studied actively which is useful for smooth traffic and safety drive of the various vehicles. Though the laser or imaging camera sensor was used for ITS, they have unstable performances and high complexity. Therefore, FMCW radar using millimeter wave has been proposed recently. Actually, 47, 60, 77, 94(More)
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