Hoon Cheong Kwon

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Quantum mechanical and molecular dynamics simulation analysis has been performed on the model system for CALB (Candida antarctica lipase B) with esters to study the reaction mechanism and conformational preference of catalytic hydrolysis and the esterification reaction. Using quantum mechanical analysis, the ping-pong bi-bi mechanism was applied and(More)
There has been a tremendous amount of research in the past decade to optimize the mechanical properties and degradation behavior of the biodegradable Mg alloy for orthopedic implant. Despite the feasibility of degrading implant, the lack of fundamental understanding about biocompatibility and underlying bone formation mechanism is currently limiting the use(More)
AlxTi1-xN/CrN multilayer coatings were fabricated by magnetron sputtering and those hardness variations were studied by observing the crack propagation and measuring the chemical bonding state of nitrides by Ti addition. While AlN/CrN multilayer shown stair-like crack propagation, AlxTi1-xN/CrN multilayer illustrated straight crack propagation. Most(More)
The electrical transport of individual ZnO nanorod devices manufactured by focused ion beam (FIB) was investigated by the direct measurement of electrical resistance at electrode junctions of cross-sectioned devices using two nanoprobes. The cathodoluminescence (CL) measurements were also performed to evaluate the crystallinity at the center and edge of the(More)
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