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The assembly of noble metal nanoparticles is an appealing means to control the plasmonic properties of nanostructures. Dimers are particularly interesting because they are a model system that can provide fundamental insights into the interactions between nanoparticles in close proximity. Here, we report a highly efficient and facile assembly method for(More)
The control of nanogaps lies at the heart of plasmonics for nanoassemblies. The plasmon coupling sensitively depends on the size and the shape of the nanogaps between nanoparticles, permitting fine-tuning of the resonance wavelength and near-field enhancement at the gap. Previously reported methods of molecular or lithographic control of the gap distance(More)
We explore plasmon coupling between silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) as two AgNPs approach each other within a subnanometer distance. We prepare AgNP dimers with two 21-nm AgNPs separated by alkanedithiol linkers in high yield. Changing the length of the alkanedithiol linkers enables us to control the interparticle distance down to the subnanometer level on the(More)
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