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Spinal cord injury (SCI) is associated with rapid and sustained bone loss and increase risk of fracture. Disuse is the primary cause for bone loss, although neural and hormonal changes may also contribute via different mechanisms. Bisphosphonates are used widely to treat osteoporosis in adults and are used increasingly for primary and secondary osteoporosis(More)
AIM To evaluate the safety and efficacy of 12 months of zoledronic acid (ZA) administered every 6 months to children with osteoporosis. METHODS Retrospective cohort study of 27 patients (16 male, 11 female) treated with ZA (0.05 mg/kg/dose) every 6 months for 1 year. 20 were immobile, 4 steroid-induced osteoporosis, 2 idiopathic osteoporosis and 1(More)
An effective live attenuated rubella vaccine was available since 1969 and congenital rubella syndrome can be prevented with appropriate vaccination. We report a baby with congenital rubella syndrome born in Klang valley to indicate that the Universal Rubella Vaccination Programme adopted by the Ministry of Health Malaysia since 2002 has yet to achieve its(More)
BACKGROUND Central diabetes insipidus (DI) is a rare disorder in children caused by a deficiency of antidiuretic hormone arginine (vasopressin). Desmopressin is the first line agent in management of central DI. However, one of the side effects of desmopressin is water intoxication and hyponatraemia. This study reviews the patterns of desmopressin use and(More)
479 INTRODUCTION Growth hormone has been used in the treatment of short stature since 1957 . Prior to 1985, human cadaver-derived pituitary growth hormone was used. Recombinant human growth hormone which was approved in 1985 made available a reliable, virtually unlimited resource to replace human pituitary growth hormone (which was withdrawn due to reported(More)
Neonatal diabetes mellitus (DM) is defined as insulin-requiring DM in the first six months of life. Unlike type 1 DM, it is a monogenic disorder resulting from a de novo mutation in the genes involved in the development of the pancreas, β-cell mass or secretory function. The majority of neonatal DM cases are caused by a heterozygous activating mutation in(More)
Hospital UKM (Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia) introduced the use of insulin pump therapy in children and adolescents with Type 1 Diabetes in Malaysia in April 2004. This study aims to evaluate the effectiveness of pump therapy and its impact on metabolic control among patients from our institution. Insulin pump therapy resulted in sustainable improvement in(More)
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