Hooi Hong Keah

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Transdermal drug delivery is a useful route of administration that avoids first-pass metabolism and more invasive delivery options. However, many drugs require enhancers to enable sufficient drug absorption to reach therapeutic effect. Alpha-tocopheryl phosphate (TP) and di-alpha-tocopheryl phosphate (T2P) are two phosphorylated forms of vitamin E which(More)
The separation of two different sets of synthetic peptides has been investigated by high-performance capillary zone electrophoresis utilising naked, fused silica capillaries. The effects of electrolyte pH, buffer concentration, capillary length and electric field strength on the separation efficiency and selectivity were systematically varied, with the(More)
The structure-function properties of the pleiotropic activins and their relationship to other members of the transforming growth factor-beta superfamily of proteins are described. In order to highlight the molecular promiscuity of these growth factors, emphasis has been placed on molecular features associated with the recognition by activin A and the bone(More)
INTRODUCTIONThis protocol addresses the group of large polypeptides that have proved to be troublesome to handle because of their low solubility or the presence of secondary structural elements that favor supramolecular self-self assembly. Included in this group are polypeptides with amphipathic α-helical or β-sheet structures with extensive runs of(More)
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