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UNLABELLED Living (pig) cartilage in contact with synovium lost both proteoglycan and collagen and sometimes became reduced to a mass of fibroblast-like chondrocytes without matrix; dead cartilage lost proteoglycan but less collagen. Similar changes appeared in living cartilage grown at a distance from the synovium but in the same dish; dead cartilage was(More)
Explants of pig articular cartilage were grown in organ culture in the presence of synovial tissue; controls consisted of paired explants that were cultivated in isolation. To find whether the synovial tissue affected synthesis of sulfated proteoglycan by the cartilage, 35SO4 was added to the medium and its incorporation into the cartilage examined by both(More)
  • H B Fell
  • 1969
Strangeways Research Laboratory, was founded 56 years ago for the study of rheumatoid arthritis and related diseases. Originally the research was purely clinical and pathological, but our founder, T. S. P. Strangeways, gradually came to the conclusion that these diseases would never be properly understood until more was known about the physiology of the(More)