Hongzhi Liao

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Solving the main problems of the disconnect between computer application talent cultivation and real world marketplace demands and the existing deficiency in engineering and innovation ability of higher education programs. This paper gives an analysis of current engineering programs, the reengineering effort of computer engineering programs and the CDIO(More)
In this paper, a new method for question classification is proposed, which employs ensemble learning algorithms to train multiple question classifiers. These component learners are combined to produce the final hypothesis. In detail, the feature spaces are obtained through extracting high-frequency keywords from questions corpus and the method of word(More)
For large databases, the research on improving the mining performance and precision is necessary, so many focuses of today on association rule mining are about new mining theories, algorithms and improvement to old methods. Association rules mining is a function of data mining research domain and arise many researchers interest to design a high efficient(More)
Data mining defines hidden pattern in data sets and association between the patterns. In data mining, association rule mining is key technique for discovering useful patterns from large collection of data. Frequent iemset mining is a step of association rule mining. Frequent itemset mining is used to gather itemsets after discovering association rules. In(More)
Virtual machine is a concept that has been used frequently in the computing world to solve different problems. It plays an important role that is continuing to extend the abilities of computer systems. In this paper, the concept of virtual machine is put into practice within Tri-Integration-Pattern Based Platform (TIPBP) in order to facilitate component(More)
This paper studies the integration methods of project management (PM) system based on ontology theory. An ontology is a collection of key concepts and their inter relationships collectively providing an abstract view of an application domain. Paper focuses on the methods of ontology integration for project management system, ontology-based projects(More)
The usage of decision models has been given attention by decision makers for many years. How to realise public-use and reuse of model, and gain the adequate information not only limited to local departments in the wide enterprise environment is one of the most concerned issues of decision-makers. The idea of multiple-tier framework put forward by(More)
This paper has a discussion and research on resource trading techniques and methods for manufacturing grid (MG). It firstly introduces the economics roles of manufacturing gird. Then it analyses the relationship between different economics roles. And based on the framework of MG resource management system, upon the price-based economic theory and the game(More)
This paper will describe an application-component framework (ACF), which is made up of application-component designer (ACD), application-component container (ACC), application module configuration file (AMCF), application-component access controller (ACAC), and application-component browser (ACB). Application-component framework provides perfect foundation(More)