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—Cooperative communications is a multiuser framework for wireless network environments. The collaboration among the users can exploit the inherent spatial diversity gains to thereby enhance the system performance significantly. Due to the mobility of users, especially in cellular systems, the exact locations of them are usually unknown a priori and(More)
—Cooperative communication is an effective technique which provides diversity gains to combat the attenuation of radio signals caused by fading and path loss. By sharing each cooperative node's antenna to form a virtual antenna array, the reliability of the wireless transmission can be significantly improved. On the other hand, cooperation among different(More)
This paper investigates an optimal decentralized Space-Time Block Coding (STBC) transmission strategy given an overhead constraint. The design of protocols for a cooperative network is formulated as an optimization problem. By solving the proposed problem, M-group decentralized STBC is proved to be the optimal strategy when neither central control nor(More)
Failure is a kind of important resource. Establishing the failure knowledge database, carrying out failure experience and knowledge management are important contents of failure science research. Project failure is a common failure. At present, there are also some researches about project failure knowledge management, but project failure knowledge expression(More)
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