Hongzhen Yu

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The application of lipid-based drug delivery systems on the industrial scale has successfully demonstrated their therapeutic and manufacturing advantages. Recently, various lipid-based formulations were successfully prepared for oral delivery of compounds that are difficult to administer. Nevertheless, an improved understanding of how these formulations(More)
Polymeric micelles provide a promising platform for improving oral absorption of poorly soluble drugs. However, improved understanding of how drug retention within the hydrophobic micelle core can reduce drug absorption is required. We designed supersaturated polymeric micelles (Super-PMs) to increase molecularly dissolved drug concentration and gain an(More)
Liposomes modified using cationic and hydrophilic nonionic polymers are 2 popular carriers for improving oral drug absorption. Cationic polymer-modified liposomes can adhere to the intestinal wall mucus (mucoadhesive type), while liposomes modified using hydrophilic nonionic polymers can penetrate across the mucus barrier (mucus-penetrating type).(More)
The paper analyzed the character, the origin and the danger of impulse interfere in the coal mine monitoring system. The impulse interfere in monitoring system has characters of sparse, shortness, and high amplitude. According to those characters, the adaptive denoising method based on FOCUSS was proposed to eliminate the impulse interfere. In the(More)
Our previous study demonstrated that the retention of drug in the hydrophobic core of Soluplus micelle greatly impeded drug absorption from gastrointestinal tract. Using supersaturated polymeric micelles can improve drug release, however, insufficient maintaining of supersaturation of drug is still unfavorable for drug absorption. Here, we report adding(More)
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