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An extended proportional navigation guidance (EPNG) law based on Lyapunov stability is proposed applying the concept of virtual target and 3-dimensional pursuit-evasion model. This guidance law can satisfy the requirements of miss distance and terminal angle, thus it guarantees that different parts of the large-airspace varying trajectory link smoothly.(More)
In order to remove the nonminimum phase characteristics of missile overload output, the output-redefinition technique is applied to the missile's overload control system. Because the overload control system doesn't control missile's attitude angle and angle rate, they are treated as uncertainty of the system. In order to improve the robustness of the(More)
In order to improve the system's response speed, this paper first researched the influence of the parameters of the nonlinear switching manifolds on the system, then made an investigation on existence condition and hitting condition. Based on these conditions, a novel fast adaptive terminal sliding mode (ATSM) control scheme was proposed, which combined the(More)
—The Lyapunov stability theorem has been proposed for more than 100 years, and it is still one of the most important theories in control science and other fields. In this paper, a new stability theorem (Extended Lyapunov stability theorem) is proposed and proved to be different from Lyapunov stability theorem. The Lyapunov stability theorem demands that the(More)
Existing data-centric cloud services are not flexible enough to meet the requirements of different tenants when facing diverse business scenes. Since they focus more on the functional aspects than the data aspects despite the close relevance between business and data, it strongly limits the scalability, customizability and other possible advantages for(More)
A SAR target detection model based on CFAR and KPCA is presented in this paper. This Detection is divided into a pre-screening and discrimination process. Within the large-scale and low-resolution SAR imagery, pre-screening adopts classic CFAR techniques, while the discrimination process adopts kernel principal component analysis to separate the target from(More)
Team Software Process (TSP) has been widely used in many top software development enterprises, which has created great benefits for these enterprise. This paper describes researches and implementation of TSP and states TSP and three parts including team formation, team launch and team work. It introduces the implementation process of TSP, and analyzes the(More)
A new intelligent global terminal backstepping design method is proposed for a class of high-supersonic missiles. It has several advantages as follows. Firstly, the differential bomb problem is avoided because of the no time derivative design concept. So the control law is simplified and the system becomes more stable and robust. Secondly, by adopting the(More)
A design method of block diagonal controller is presented for a nonlinear cross beam experiment system. The nonlinear mathematical model of a cross beam experiment system is established at first. Based on the theory of exact linearization via feedback, a design method of block diagonal controller composed of inverse solution is presented. A block diagonal(More)