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Cloud computing affects the development of mobile learning with its unique advantages. This article first sums up the traditional mode of mobile learning, analyses the characteristics of various patterns, sum up the characteristics of the cloud computing, and then make mobile learning mode under a cloud computing environment.
Keywords: Single machine scheduling Sequence-dependent setup times Hybrid evolutionary algorithm Crossover operator Population updating a b s t r a c t We present a systematic comparison of hybrid evolutionary algorithms (HEAs), which independently use six combinations of three crossover operators and two population updating strategies, for solving the(More)
Anonymity technologies have gained more and more attention for communication privacy. In general, users obtain anonymity at a certain cost in an anonymous communication system, which uses rerouting to increase the system's robustness. However, a long rerouting path incurs large overhead and decreases the quality of service (QoS). In this paper, we propose(More)
(2013). Automatic BDI plan recognition from process execution logs and effect logs. Abstract Agent applications are often viewed as unduly expensive to develop and maintain in commercial contexts. Organizations often settle for less sophisticated and more traditional software in place of agent technology because of (often misplaced) fears about the(More)
—This paper uses the new theory tool——dynamic fuzzy logic to study the learning process with the attribute of dynamic and fuzzy as one part of BDI-Agent. According to the feature with automatic reasoning of the Ontology of agent, we propose the BDI-Agent architecture based on the Ontology and on the basis of this, we build the two different learning model(More)