Hongyun Wang

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Following up on a recently renewed interest in computational methods for M/G/1-type processes, this paper considers an M/G/1-like system in which the service time distribution is represented by a Coxian series of memoryless stages. We present a novel approach to the solution of such systems. Our method is based on conditional probabilities, and provides a(More)
permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited. Abstract. We study the temperature profile for a semi-infinite thin layer due to a Gaussian heat source. We follow the time-dependent temperature profile at the center of the top surface of the layer, deriving the asymptotic behavior and(More)
In studies of molecular motors, the stochastic motion is modeled using the Langevin equation. If we consider an ensemble of motors, the probability density is governed by the corresponding Fokker–Planck equation. Average quantities, such as average velocity, effective diffusion coefficient, and randomness parameter, can be calculated from the probability(More)
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