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Atonal homolog1 (Atoh1) encodes a basic helix-loop-helix protein that is the first transcription factor to be expressed in differentiating hair cells. Previous work suggests that expression of Atoh1 in prosensory precursors is necessary for the differentiation and survival of hair cells, but it is not clear whether Atoh1 is required exclusively for these(More)
Neonatal mouse cochlear supporting cells have a limited ability to divide and trans-differentiate into hair cells, but this ability declines rapidly in the two weeks after birth. This decline is concomitant with the morphological and functional maturation of the organ of Corti prior to the onset of hearing. However, despite this association between(More)
The signals that induce the organ of Corti and define its boundaries in the cochlea are poorly understood. We show that two Notch modifiers, Lfng and Mfng, are transiently expressed precisely at the neural boundary of the organ of Corti. Cre-Lox fate mapping shows this region gives rise to inner hair cells and their associated inner phalangeal cells.(More)
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