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Hardware accelerators are capable of achieving significant performance improvement. However, designing hardware accelerators lacks the flexibility and the productivity. Combining hardware accelerators with multiprocessor system-on-chip (MPSoC) is an alternative way to balance the flexibility, the productivity, and the performance. In this work, we present a(More)
Modern platform FPGAs are sufficiently dense to allow the assembly of a complete chip heterogeneous multiprocessor systems on chip (CHMPs) within a single die. Based on CHMP, every research group that sets out to explore how an application can be accelerated on an FPGA platform must firstly integrate processors, buses, memories, and support IP components(More)
High-accuracy injection control of the injector has been the key technique for GDI engines, which can be realized by high- accuracy current control of the solenoid valve coil. To accurately control dynamic flow range, it is necessary to not only accelerate the opening speed of injector by raising peak current of solenoid valve coil, but also accelerate the(More)
Hardware accelerators are capable of achieving significant performance improvement for many applications. In this work we demonstrate that it is critical to provide sufficient memory access bandwidth for accelerators to improve the performance and reduce energy consumption. We use the scale-invariant feature transform (SIFT) algorithm as a case study in(More)
We take example by the fabrication of nano-probe chemical etching process to make optical tapered fiber, and we use the semiconductor laser as the light source to design a single-fiber optical tweezers system, thus achieve the capture of yeast cells and the thrust of hollow glass beads. At the same time, we use FDTD method to simulate the force analysis of(More)
The spray structure and its developments generated by a multi-hole gasoline direct injection (GDI) have been investigated and discussed. Experiments were carried out on a constant volume chamber (CVC) rig. The effects of injection pressure, ambient pressure and ambient temperature were examined using high speed CCD camera. Images were processed by a(More)
In this paper, A new method based on the conservation of momentum theory to calculate the trappping force on microsphere are presented. Using 2-D FDTD algorithm, the distribution of electric and magnetic fields in trapping system is simulated, then the monmentum density distribution and trapping force can be easily getted. Many parameters are taken into(More)
With the help of parallelism provided by the fine-grained architecture, hardware accelerators on Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) can significantly improve the performance of many applications. However, designers are typically required to have excellent hardware programming skills and unique optimization techniques to fully explore the potential of(More)
This work presents a memory hierarchy with the support of network-on-chip (NoC) for MPSoC systems. The memory hierarchy consists of a shared global memory and private local memories as shown in Figure 1. Each core in the system is equipped with two local memories, one for instructions and one for data. The MicroBlaze soft core used in this work connects the(More)
Increasing computation demands with limited power budget require more energy-efficient designs without performance degradation in embedded systems and mobile computing platforms. Reconfigurable computing is an alternative to optimize both performance and power consumption. However, due to the complexity of hardware design, implementing dedicated(More)