Hongyuan Cai

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This work aims at real-time in-car video analysis to detect and track vehicles ahead for safety, auto-driving, and target tracing. This paper describes a comprehensive approach to localize target vehicles in video under various environmental conditions. The extracted geometry features from the video are projected onto a 1D profile continuously and are(More)
Image is a dominant medium for visualizing spatial environment and creating virtual access on the Internet. Where to capture images is however subjective and relies on artistic sense of photographers so far. In this paper, we will not only visualize areas with images, but also determine where the most distinct viewpoints should be located. Starting from(More)
 Our goal is to track and identify moving g y g vehicles ahead against static background in car video  Under ego-motion, dynamic vehicles and background display different motion behaviors background display different motion behaviors  Profile features in car video and track motion for fast and robust processing for fast and robust processing  Describe(More)
This work obtains shaking-free route panoramas from a vehicle borne camera. We detect the shaking and waving profile of the camera and rectify a long route panorama automatically for an ideal parallel-perspective projection. Different from the traditional flow based approach that works on entire frame by point tracking, we create a stationary blurred(More)
Numerous videos are uploaded on video websites; most of them employ several kinds of camera operations for expanding FOV, emphasizing events, and expressing cinematic effect. To generate a profile of heterogeneous types of videos, an automatic video profiling method has been proposed to include both spatial and temporal information in a 2D image scroll. In(More)