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In this paper, the large family of generalized Kasami sequences has been studied. In particular, the cross-correlation distribution among these sequences has been explicitly calculated. Meanwhile, the weight distributions of two classes of cyclic codes could also be determined. This paper generalizes the results from several previous papers.
Let q = p<sup>n</sup> with n = 2m and p be a prime. Let 0 &#x2264; k &#x2264; n &#x2212; 1, k &#x2260; m. Assume k/(m,k) and m/(m,k) are both odd. In this paper we will study the following exponential sums of the equation where Tr<inf>1</inf><sup>n</sup> : F<inf>q</inf> &#x2212; F<inf>p</inf> and Tr<inf>1</inf><sup>m</sup> : F<inf>p</inf><sup>m</sup>(More)
The convergence behavior of capacity of ergodic channels is of great importance for the performance analysis of communication systems. This paper presents a fundamental study on the convergence rate of capacity of ergodic channels on the basis of large deviation theory. It can be revealed that both the probability that the information capacity differs from(More)
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