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Due to its ability of realizing localization without the need of equipping the target with a wireless device, the device-free wireless localization technique has become a crucial technique for many security and military applications. However, there still lacks an efficient scheme which could achieve robust location estimation performance with low(More)
Power management is an important technique to prolong the lifetime of wireless sensor network(WSN). A radiotriggered based wake-up circuit is proposed to control the activation and shutting down of the wireless sensor node, and thus eliminates energy wasting wake-up periods. The radiotriggered wake-up circuit is optimized to achieve maximum sensitivity by(More)
In this paper, an energy-efficient optimal relay selection strategy which is jointly optimized with the energy-efficient optimal power allocation solution for AF cooperative transmission is proposed. The relay selection criterion is the distance to the optimal relay locations where the minimum transmission power of the source, the relay or their total can(More)