Hongyu Wang

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Appearance-based human re-identification is challenging due to different camera characteristics, varying lighting conditions, pose variations across camera views, etc. Recent studies have revealed that color information plays a critical role on performance. However, two problems remain unclear: (1) how do different color descriptors perform under the same(More)
A motion panorama is an efficient and compact representation of the underlying video. However, the motion panorama construction process is computationally intensive and hence extremely time consuming. Addressing this issue is crucial when one considers using motion panoramas in a real-time environment such as live video transmission. We present two parallel(More)
—One impressive advantage of convolutional neural networks (CNNs) is their ability to automatically learn feature representation from raw pixels, eliminating the need for hand-designed procedures. However, recent methods for single image super-resolution (SR) fail to maintain this advantage. They utilize CNNs in two decoupled steps, i.e., first upsampling(More)
SUMMARY IntegratedMap is a Web application and database schema for storing and interactively displaying genetic map data. Its Web interface includes a menu for direct chromosome/linkage group selection, a search form for selection based on mapped object location and linkage group displays. An overview display provides convenient access to the full range of(More)