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Fault Tree Analysis (FTA) is a safety-analysis technique that has been recently extended to accommodate product-line engineering for critical domains. This paper describes a tool-supported approach to integrate product-line FTA into AADL (Architecture Analysis and Design Language) models and associated AADL Error Models of a product line. With concrete(More)
Changes to safety-critical product lines can jeopardize the safety properties that they must ensure. Thus, evolving software product lines must consider the impact that changes to requirements may have on the existing systems and their safety. The contribution of this work is a systematic, tool-supported technique to support safe evolution of product-line(More)
Customizing web services according to users' individual functional and non-functional requirements has become increasingly difficult as the number of users increases. This paper introduces a new way to customize and verify composite web services by incorporating a software product-line engineering approach into web-service composition. The approach uses a(More)
— With the increasing reliance of complex real-world applications on composite web services assembled from independently developed component services, there is a growing need for effective approaches to verifying that a composite service not only offers the required functionality but also satisfies the desired non-functional requirements (NFRs). In(More)
Electromuscular incapacitating devices (EMDs), such as Tasers, deliver high current, short duration pulses that cause muscular contractions and temporarily incapacitate the human subject. Some reports suggest that EMDs can kill. To help answer the question, "Can the EMD directly cause ventricular fibrillation (VF)?", ten tests were conducted to measure the(More)