Hongying Jin

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This paper aims at effectively predicting the dynamic network traffic flow based on quantum-behaved particle swarm optimization algorithm. Firstly, the dynamic network traffic flow prediction problem is analyzed through formal description. Secondly, the structure of the network traffic flow prediction model is given. In this structure, Users can used a(More)
The spectrum of the 0++, 0−−, 1−+ and 1+− heavy-light hybrids have been calculated in HQET. The interpolated current of the hybrid is chosen as gq̄γαG a αμT hv (x), gq̄γαγ5G a αμT hv (x) and gq̄σμαG a αμT hv (x). Some strong couplings and decay widths of the heavy-light hybrids to B(D)π are calculated by using the QCD sum rules. The mass of 0++ hybrid with(More)
We discuss the rescattering effects in decays B → π +K. The picture we take is very simple: first, B decay into K ∗ ρ, then K∗ and ρ go to kaon and pion by exchanging a pion. We find a up to ten percent CP violation asymmetry rate. We also discuss its correction to the constraint of angle γ proposed recently. PACS numbers 13.25.Hw 12.28.Lg Email:(More)