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Previous work on muscle activity sensing has leveraged specialized sensors such as electromyography and force sensitive resistors. While these sensors show great potential for detecting finger/hand gestures, they require additional hardware that adds to the cost and user discomfort. Past research has utilized sensors on commercial devices, focusing on(More)
Touch interaction on smartwatches suffers from the awkwardness of having to use two hands and the "fat finger" problem. We present Float, a wrist-to-finger input approach that enables one-handed and touch-free target selection on smartwatches with high efficiency and precision using only commercially-available built-in sensors. With Float, a user tilts the(More)
In this paper, we investigate the effects of post-selection feedback for acquiring ultra-small (2-4mm) targets on touchscreens. Post-selection feedback shows the contact point on touchscreen after a user lifts his/her fingers to increase users' awareness of touching. Three experiments are conducted progressively using a single crosshair target, two(More)
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