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In the silkworm Bombyx mori, pigment mutants with diverse body colors have been maintained throughout domestication for about 5000 years. The silkworm larval body color is formed through the mutual interaction of melanin, ommochromes, pteridines and uric acid. These pigments/compounds are synthesized by the cooperative action of various genes and enzymes.(More)
The thermoprotective mechanisms of insects remain largely unknown. We reported the Bombyx mori contractile (cot) behavioral mutant with thermo-sensitive seizures phenotype. At elevated temperatures, the cot mutant exhibit seizures associated with strong contractions, rolling, vomiting, and a temporary lack of movement. We narrowed a region containing cot to(More)
The ability to respond quickly and efficiently to transient extreme environmental conditions is an important property of all biota. However, the physiological basis of thermotolerance in different species is still unclear. Here, we found that the cot mutant showed a seizure phenotype including contraction of the body, rolling, vomiting gut juice and a(More)
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