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The postural origin hypothesis and the task complexity hypothesis propose that hand preference in non-human primates evolved in association with body posture and task complexity, respectively. The results of previous studies testing these two hypotheses, however, vary greatly with the different primate species and methods used. To investigate the effect of(More)
We present a modified THz electro-optic sampling method to combine the advantages of its two traditional counterparts at near 0° and 45° optical biases: excellent ability to cancel the background noises, high optical modulation, and large dynamical range. The first advantage results from the method's symmetrical layout to get dynamical noise cancellation.(More)
In this paper, a comprehensive algorithm is developed to analyze the sensitivity of hierarchical decision models (HDM), including the analytic hierarchy process and its variants, to single and multiple changes in the local contribution matrices at any level of the decision hierarchy. The algorithm is applicable to all HDM that use an additive function to(More)
This paper presents a novel design for broadband zero-order half-wave plates to eliminate the first-order or up to second-order wavelength-dependent birefringent phase retardation (BPR) with 2 or 3 different birefringent materials. The residual BPRs of the plates increase monotonously with the wavelength deviation from a selected wavelength, so the plates(More)
—a fully integrated, ultra low-power, varying pulse width fifth-order derivative Gaussian pulse generator designed and fabricated in a commercial 0.18µm CMOS technology is reported for 3-10GHz impulse ultra wideband (UWB) transceivers. The fifth-order derivative Gaussian pulse generator circuit consists of four parallel Gaussian pulse formation blocks and(More)