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Human dental pulp cells (HDPCs) play a crucial role in dental pulp inflammation. Pannexin 3 (Panx3), a member of Panxs (Pannexins), has been recently found to be involved in inflammation. However, the mechanism of Panx3 in human dental pulp inflammation remains unclear. In this study, the role of Panx3 in inflammatory response was firstly explored, and its(More)
Grassland fire is a serious and common disaster in Inner Mongolia, China and it is a kind of extremely complex natural phenomena influenced by various factors. The design aims to simulate the fire trend based on GIS and scientific grassland fire spread model and finally provides assistant decisions. The system will be used in Inner Mongolia Emergency(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine the effect of the combined use of epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) and ethanol-wet bonding (EWB) on resin-dentin bonds. METHODS Sixty molars were sectioned, polished, and randomly divided into six groups (n=10) according to the following pretreatments: group 1, water-wet bonding (WWB); group 2, WWB with 0.02% (w/v) EGCG; group 3,(More)
OBJECTIVES To evaluate the effects of different application sequence of calcium-containing desensitising pastes on bonding effectiveness and tubule occlusion during etch-and-rinse (E&R) adhesive restoration. METHODS Seventy molars were sectioned parallel to the occlusal plane, polished and randomly divided into seven groups (n=10). Group 1 was etched with(More)
The purpose of this study was to evaluate the capability and characteristics of different nanoleakage observation methods, including light microscope (LM), field-emission scanning electron microscope (FESEM), transmission electron microscope (TEM), and confocal laser scanning microscope (CLSM). Dentin specimens were bonded with either an etch-and-rinse(More)
The bonding restoration has become an important clinical technique for the development of dental bonding technology. Because of its easy operation and the maximum preservation of tooth tissues, bonding repair is widely used in dental restoration. The recent multi-mode universal adhesives have brought new progress in dental bonding restoration. In this(More)
The grassland makes a significant contribution to the economy of Inner Mongolia. However, the grassland fire, which causes a great damage to the animal husbandry and threatens the properties securities of people in the pastoral area, is becoming an important interference factor to the steady development of grassland animal husbandry. The article, which(More)
PURPOSE To investigate the effect of the dimethyl-sulfoxide wet-bonding technique on composite-dentin bonds and to explore its potential mechanism. MATERIALS AND METHODS Thirty human third molars were segmented, ground, etched, and randomly divided into three groups according to the following pretreatments: 1. water; 2. ethanol; 3. 50% (v/v) dimethyl(More)
—The paper integrated the Geographical Information System with Cellular Automata (CA) and made use of VB and ArcGIS as development tools to design and implement the system of forest fire spread in Inner Mongolia Region. It realized the simulation of the 2D forest fire spread based on CA and visualization of the 3D real-time images transmitted from the fire(More)
PURPOSES To evaluate (1) the effect of a desensitizing paste containing 8% arginine and calcium carbonate on the microtensile bond strength between dentin and etch-and-rinse adhesive systems; and (2) to examine the dentin tubules occlusion quantitatively. METHODS 48 freshly extracted intact human mandibular third molars were divided randomly into three(More)