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BACKGROUND The objective of this study was to establish a culture system and elucidate the unique characteristics of a bovine mammary epithelial cell line in vitro. METHODOLOGY Mammary tissue from a three year old lactating dairy cow (ca. 100 d relative to parturition) was used as a source of the epithelial cell line, which was cultured in collagen-coated(More)
This study was conducted to determine the optimum ratio of lysine and methionine (Lys:Met) to enhance milk protein concentration in vitro, focusing on the regulation of genes related to the JAK2-STAT5 and the mammalian target of rapamycin (mTOR) signaling pathways. A preliminary dose response study revealed that casein concentration peaked (2.5-2.7 ppm) at(More)
Increasing the content of alpha-linolenic acid in milk fat might be desirable to meet consumer concerns about dietary healthfulness. However, the rich content of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) will influence the oxidative stability of milk fat. This experiment was carried out to determine the effects of infusion with different amounts of high-linolenic(More)
Hexa-methyl-phospho-ramide (hmp), tetra-thio-tungstate, silver sulfide and dysprosium nitrate were self-assembled, forming an anionic [AgWS(4)](n) (n) (-) chain in the title compound, {[Dy(NO(3))(2)(C(6)H(18)N(3)OP)(4)][AgWS(4)]}(n). The central Dy atom in the cation is coordinated by eight O atoms from two didentate nitrate and four hmp ligands, giving(More)
A sensitive and convenient “visible SYPRO” staining protocol was developed for visualizing proteins after SDS-PAGE. Gels were sensitized with SYPRO Ruby and then stained with the Coomassie Brilliant Blue G-250 protocol (Blue Silver). This combined protocol had similar or better linearity than staining with only SYPRO Ruby or Blue Silver, respectively. In(More)
Hexa-methyl-phospho-ramide (hmp), tetra-thio-tungstate, silver sulfide and cerium nitrate were self-assembled to form a one-dimensional anionic [Ag(4)W(4)S(16)](n) (4n-) chain in the title compound, {[Ce(NO(3))(2)(C(6)H(18)N(3)OP)(4)][AgWS(4)]}(n). The asymmetric unit contains four crystallographically independent [Ce(hmp)(4)(NO(3))(2)](+) cations, which(More)
In the title compound, {[Er(NO3)2(C6H18N3OP)4][AgWS4]} n , the polymeric anionic chain {[AgWS4](-)} n extends along [001]. The Er(III) atom in the cation is coordinated by eight O atoms from two bidentate nitrate anions and four hexa-methyl-phospho-ramide ligands in a distorted square-anti-prismatic geometry. Together with the two nitrate ligands, the(More)
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