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This paper investigates the video delivery on the underlay device-to-device (D2D) communications. Considering that the distributed scheme requires less signaling overhead than the centralized one, we exploit Stackelberg game to establish a QoE-driven distributed cross-layer video delivery model to optimize the parameters which include the RB-level(More)
To verify the safety of nonlinear dynamical systems based on inductive invariants, key issues include defining the most complete inductive condition and discovering an inductive invariant that satisfies the specified inductive condition. In this paper, to lay a solid foundation for future research into the safety verification of semi-algebraic dynamical(More)
Content-Centric Networking (CCN), a typical future Internet architecture focused on content dissemination and retrieval, brings a paradigm shift in network model by addressing named-data instead of host location. Many fields related to CCN become the research hotspots, such as caching and name-based routing. However, little work has addressed on its(More)
In order to optimize linear algebra transition systems, a kind of hybrid system, approximate equivalence semantics for linear algebra transition systems is proposed. The semantics is called approximation ready trace semantics. The work is based on the ready trace semantics for concrete process algebra and numerical approximate calculation theory in algebra.(More)
Semantic collision is inevitable while building a domain ontology from heterogeneous data sources (semi-)automatically. Therefore, the semantic consistency is indispensable precondition for building a correct ontology. In this paper, a model-checking-based method is proposed to handle the semantic consistency problem with a kind of middle-model methodology,(More)
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