Hongyan Quan

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Customizing a desired naturalistic fluid simulation result from video to obtain similar artistic effect is significant in practice. But art-directed customizing is challengeable due to the chaotic nature of the physics contained in it, and this still remains to be a difficult task in spite of rapid advancements of computer graphics during the last two(More)
Dynamic texture is a part of the natural scene. Dynamic texture segmentation issue is research hotspot in the field of computer vision and even robot research area. This paper presents a new dynamic texture recognition method based on level set strategy. The level set function evolutes to the boundary of objects according the optical flow feature of moving(More)
—Dynamic texture tracking is a hot spot problem of computer vision, video surveillance and other areas. This paper presents a dynamic texture real-time tracking method .We first put forward a dynamic texture segmentation method based on level set based. In the method we define the evolution function, use the re-initialization condition to punish in the(More)
This paper presents a patch-based method of reconstructing a large-scale fluid surface in which new image is synthesized by stitching small patches of existing texture together. This patch-based sampling is fast and can generate high-quality synthesized texture. Unlike previous algorithms, we creatively apply Poisson equations into synthesis process to(More)
In this paper we introduce a method to extract foreground from an image or a video and blend it into another environment. We analyze the weakness of previous algorithms, and propose a new method to improve the automaticity of the algorithm and reduce interactions with users. Self-adaption threshold and segmentation technique are used to preprocess the(More)