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Synthesis of alpha-P-modified nucleoside diphosphates with ethylenediamine.
Affinity studies revealed that the nucleoside boranodiphosphates are potentially useful in antiviral research.
Synthesis of α-P-Modified Nucleoside Diphosphates with Ethylenediamine
This report describes a one-pot synthesis of α-P-borano-, α-P-thio-, and α-P-seleno-modified nucleoside diphosphate analogues that are otherwise difficult to obtain. The key step involves the
Selective Oxidation of Betulin for the Preparation of Betulinic Acid, an Antitumoral Compound
Abstract This paper describes a semisynthetic approach for the preparation of betulinic acid from betulin. The main step of this synthetic approach is the selective oxidation of primary alcohol
Synthesis of acyclothymidine triphosphate and alpha-P-boranotriphosphate and their substrate properties with retroviral reverse transcriptase.
The preliminary results indicate that acyclonucleoside alpha-P-boranotriphosphates may have promising applications as a probe of enzyme mechanisms and in the design of new antiviral drugs.
Sulfonylimination of Proline with Sulfonylazides Involving Aldehyde-Induced Decarboxylation Coupling.
In the presence of aldehyde, a facile method was developed to obtain N-sulfonyl amidines under metal- and oxidant-free conditions by the decarboxylative of proline. This transformation features a
New C‐Methylated Flavones from Elsholtzia blanda Benth
Three new C-methylated flavones, named as 5, 5'-dihydroxy-7-acetoxy-6, 8, 3", 3"-tetramethylpyran (3', 4')flavone I , 5, 5'-dihydroxy-7(a-methyl)butyroxyl-6. 8, 3", 3"-tetramethlpyran (3', 4')flavone
One-Pot Three Components Synthesis of β-Amido Ketones
A series of β-amido-ketones were synthesized by one-pot three components condensation of various aldehydes, ketones and nitriles in the presence of TiCl4 with the assistance of acyl chloride at room