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Mapping protein-protein interactions is an invaluable tool for understanding protein function. Here, we report the first large-scale study of protein-protein interactions in human cells using a mass spectrometry-based approach. The study maps protein interactions for 338 bait proteins that were selected based on known or suspected disease and functional(More)
Electrical coupling of neurons is widespread throughout the CNS and is observed among retinal photoreceptors from essentially all vertebrates. Coupling dampens voltage noise in photoreceptors and rod-cone coupling provides a means for rod signals to enter the cone pathway, extending the dynamic range of rod-mediated vision. This coupling is dynamically(More)
Research areas such as proteomics and metabolomics are driving the demand for mass spectrometers that have high performance but modest power requirements, size, and cost. This paper describes such an instrument, the Orbitrap, based on a new type of mass analyzer invented by Makarov. The Orbitrap operates by radially trapping ions about a central spindle(More)
—This study investigates the complicated nonlinear effects of demand-bid price sensitivity and supply-offer price caps on Locational Marginal Prices (LMPs) for bulk electric power when profit-seeking generators can learn over time how to strate-gize their supply offers. Systematic computational experiments are conducted using AMES, an open-source(More)
BACKGROUND Gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) is a disease often manifests in mid to late pregnancy with symptoms including hyperglycemia, insulin resistance and fetal mal-development. The C57BL/KsJ-Lep (db/+) (db/+) mouse is a genetic GDM model that closely mimicked human GDM symptoms. Resveratrol (RV) is a naturally existing compound that has been(More)
Many database applications require the analysis and processing of data streams. In such systems, huge amounts of data arrive rapidly and their values change over time. The variations on streams typically imply some fundamental changes of the underlying objects and possess significant domain meanings. In some data streams, successive events seem to recur in(More)
—Based on interference temperature model, the problem of secondary spectrum sharing can be formulated as a power optimization problem at physical layer. In this paper, we consider decentralized cognitive radio networks, and we especially focus on the spectrum sharing scenario where multiple measurement points are located in the licensed system. Game theory(More)
—Open Source Software (OSS) expresses the idea that developers should be able to license the publication of their software in a manner permitting anyone to freely use, modify, and distribute the software. Today OSS is widely used in the software industry, such as for language development tools (e.g., NetBeans for Java), office document processors (e.g.,(More)
—This study uses a dynamic 5-bus test case implemented via the AMES Wholesale Power Market Test Bed to investigate strategic capacity withholding by generation companies (GenCos) in restructured wholesale power markets under systematically varied demand conditions. The strategic behaviors of the GenCos are simulated by means of a stochastic reinforcement(More)