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—We consider a Bonferroni-type lower bound due to Kounias on the probability of a finite union. The bound is expressed in terms of only the individual and pairwise event probabilities; however, it suffers from requiring an exponentially complex search for its direct implementation. We address this problem by presenting a practical algorithm for its(More)
A new lower bound on the probability P(A1 ∪ · · · ∪ AN) is established in terms of only the individual event probabilities P(Ai)'s and the pairwise event probabilities P(Ai ∩ Aj)'s. This bound is shown to be always at least as good as two similar lower bounds: one by de Caen (1997) and the other by Dawson and Sankoo (1967). Numerical examples for the(More)
—The design of two-dimensional constellation map-pings for the transmission of binary nonuniform memoryless sources over additive white Gaussian noise channels using standard -ary PSK and QAM modulation schemes is investigated. The main application of this problem is the incorporation of an adaptive mapping assignment in modem devices that employ fixed(More)
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